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World Outreach

Bethel supports global workers all around the world.  We believe Jesus is still calling people to go and together as a church we are wrapping our arms around the world by partnering with them.  To inquire about missions support please fill out our online form.


It has been three years since we have been able to go on a mission trip, but the wait is finally over! Come out to our information meeting on March 12th after service where we will give you all you need to know about being a part of our next trip to…The Azores! 

B & E R – South East Asia

Together they have equipped rural youth for vocational opportunities and to evangelize. They provided in-service training for the staff of various ministries and in the business  sector in Vision and Planning and Marketing Skills. Bringing Christian values, influence, and evangelism is at the core of their focus on the marketplace.

Pawel & Valentine Jarosz – Poland

Pawel & Valentine run a community center called “The Ark” in Warsaw, Poland. The Ark is exists with the purpose of helping the community through provision of new and used clothes, groceries, and meals for those in need. Recently the Jarosz family has run a shelter for girls who have escaped war torn Ukraine, as well as meeting the need for the massive influx of refugees seeking asylum. The greater purpose is to spread the message of the gospel which is accomplished through the four churches that call The Ark home on Sunday, and the various smaller group meetings that take place during the week. Along with the preaching of the Word of God, The Ark provides space and resources for a Christian Youth Club and children from the streets.

Restricted Access Nations

Bethel supports a number of missionaries serving in restricted access nations.  RAN’s purpose is to make Spirit-filled disciples and plant multiplying fellowships of  indigenous believers, particularly where a non-missionary identity and pioneer  approaches/creative strategies are required.

Dean Milley – Peru

Collaborating with the local church to reach young families in Pucusana, Peru  through feeding programs, medical assistance and the gospel message of Jesus.

Matt & Amber Price – Thailand

We believe God elevates and alleviates He builds us up and heals hurts. We seek to do   the same through our passion for leadership development and relief and development.    Amber is involved in education and Matthew is the national director for ChildCARE Plus (CCP) Thailand.

Deborah Sirjoosingh – Kenya

“Evangelism, church planting and church buildings, discipleship, education through schools, clean water,food supplements for the hungry and vulnerable patients and efficient, quality, affordable medical care with God’s love and compassion with prayers, promote healing and HOPE in Jesus for eternity.”

Jorge & Jacinta Melo –  Azoure Islands (Portugal)

The focus of the Melo’s ministry is in Church Planting and Revitalization. Located in the picturesque Azores Islands (Portugal), the church to which Jorge & Jacinta were called to pastor was established in 1893. Nearly ready to close its doors with an average attendance of 4, God has blessed this church and increased this number to over 30 and the vision is for much, much more. The Melos would like to see a church planted on every one of the 9 islands that range in population from 300 people to 176,000. This ministry is not only bringing revitalization to one church. It is reaching an entire people group.

Agnes Appiah – Ghana

Home and school for Children. Agnus supplies a home and good education for children in need in Ghana.

Stan & Sandy Anonby –  Indonesia

The Anonbys are involved in assessing the languages of Indonesia. They are also looking at the impact of past Bible translations on the Church in various  areas of the world.  Wycliffe Bible Translations