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Hey Bethel family:

JULY 9th 2020


We have some good news!!  This week Ottawa Public Health gave an exemption making it possible for us to have live, ‘in person’ services!  We’ll be opening every Sunday starting July 19th to our 30% capacity. We’ll have one service at our regular time, 10:30am (please arrive at 10am). You can also still watch online.

What can you expect? Our morning celebration will be a little different. The Sunday service experience has been carefully prepared for your safety as we come together in our community worship gathering.  However, we don’t have permission to sing because of the heightened risk.  Because of this Public Health safety guideline the worship component will be on the screens and we’ll still lift our hearts and hands together.  The online experience stays the same for those who aren’t comfortable returning yet and the ‘in person’ experience provides another option for those who are ready to be together. We’ve set appropriate attendance limits, developed clear guidelines and floor markers to help ensure you know what to do and how to interact when you arrive.  At present, Children’s Ministry and the Nursery will not be available.

We totally understand that not everybody will feel comfortable returning to large group settings even with proper physical distancing protocols. If you are ready, healthy and willing, we’d love to see you and your family at church!  If you need to wait a little longer, please know you are just as much a part of our family and we eagerly await your return.

As you prepare:

  • You’ll have to register each week.  Registration will be found on our website starting Monday July 13th or you can call the church office to register.
  • Our services are touchless.
  • Please bring your own mask. Masks are required in all indoor public spaces in Ottawa.
  • If your status changes and you can no longer attend, please cancel your registration to open up a slot for others who may be able to attend.
  • Please watch our orientation video to find out what you need to know before you attend.

Service Times
We will be meeting at our regular service time at 10:30am. The service will be 1 hour in duration.

All guests are asked to pre-register for each service either online or by calling the church. You’ll need to do this every week. Registration will be open on Monday morning until Saturday evening for the following Sunday. A limited number of seats are available for each service. Therefore, seating is on a first come, first served basis. Registration will include contact information, which service you’ll be attending and how many people in your family grouping. This will enable us to manage numbers and also have contact information for tracing purposes. If necessary, information will be shared with Ottawa Public Health.

Please watch the video below before attending:


The Province of Ontario has granted places of worship the ability to hold ‘in person’ services up to 30% of the building capacity. While we’re excited that we can gather together, our greatest concern will always be the safety and comfort of the Bethel family. To that end, we’ll be offering a touchless church experience and observe physical distancing at all times. Following the guidance given by Ottawa Public Health, we
require everyone to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is a way of caring for ourselves and others. Signage will be in place to help guide guests. We have always valued a clean facility, but during this time we’re taking extra precautions. All areas guests access will be professionally cleaned and sanitized before and after every service. We’ll also be providing hand sanitizer stations.

Parking Lot Access
Vehicles will use the west entrance (Merivale end) to enter the parking lot and the east entrance (Fisher end) to exit the parking lot. Parking attendants will monitor the lot to provide assistance and direct guests to the appropriate building entrance. Traffic cones will be used to help mark the entrance and exit.

Registration Confirmation and Screening
Guests are encouraged to arrive at the church 30 minutes prior to the scheduled service start. Upon arriving at the church, guests will proceed to the main doors. All other building entrances will remain closed. As guests approach the main entrance, two lines will be marked out just before the canopy and guests will proceed to registration. Volunteers will confirm registration either digitally or by hardcopy.
Guests will also be asked if they have any symptoms related to Covid 19, are in contact with someone who has Covid 19 or if they’re living with someone in quarantine. Anyone answering in the affirmative will not be permitted entry.

Building Access
Once registered and screened, guests in the two lines will move into the building observing physical distancing as marked on the floor. Doors will be propped open and guests will use hand sanitizer at the stations placed in the entranceway. Guests will continue to move toward the auditorium monitored by volunteers. Clear pathways will be marked and physical distancing stickers will be placed on the lobby

Traffic Flow
Once the guest or guest grouping is at the entrance to the auditorium at either door, a greeter will communicate to strategically placed ushers the number of people and the guest(s) will be seated in an appropriate location. The experience will remain touchless except for the seat our guests sit in.  There is no seating available in the lobby.

Auditorium Seating
To maintain physical distancing in the auditorium, a seating plan has been established to ensure 2 metres are maintained between guests. Both usable and not usable seats are marked to assist ushers with seating.  You will be assisted to assigned seating.

Offering containers will be available at the exits of the auditorium at the end of the service. Guests will continue to be encouraged to use electronic giving platforms.Those who choose to use the offering containers must use their own envelops. Offering envelops and pens will not be available. The POS terminal for debit and credit will not be in use at this time.

Exiting the Building
Upon conclusion of the service, guests will be dismissed by sections to assist in maintaining physical distancing. This will be coordinated from the platform. The rear centre section will be dismissed first, then the rear outside sections. The front middle section will follow with the front side sections following. This will minimize cross over of people. The exit strategy will be the reverse of the entrance strategy and only the main entrance will be used. Guests are encouraged to maintain physical distancing while on the church property.

Washroom Usage
The men’s, women’s and handicapped washrooms will be available on the main floor only. Only one stall and one sink (no urinals) will be in operation in each washroom. The doors to the washrooms will be propped open. Guests will be encouraged to use the washroom only if absolutely necessary and only once all the guests are seated for the service. Guests who may need to use the washroom must have the assistance of an usher to escort them to the washroom. A washroom attendant will manage washroom usage to ensure only one person (or an accompanied child) uses the washroom at one time after it has been disinfected. The stall and sink will be professionally disinfected after each use.

In Bethel Phase One, there is no Nursery or Children’s Ministry available. Parents may register and bring their children, however, their children must be in their care at all times.


Do I have to reserve a seat? Yes! Pre-registration is required for all seating in every service. This helps us to manage numbers and also provides a record if attendance tracing is needed. You can reserve your seat online or by calling the church beginning Wednesday at 8:30am until Friday at 8:30pm before the Sunday. This is on a first come, first served basis as a limited number of seats are available.

Can I bring my kids? Absolutely! We just ask that you keep your children with you and under your control at all times. They must remain seated to maintain physical distancing. We aren’t offering Children’s Ministry or Nursery facilities at this time.

Will I be required to wear a mask? Yes. Following the guidance of Ottawa Public Health we require everyone to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is a way of caring for ourselves and others.

How will we be seated in the auditorium? Our awesome ushers will help each person or grouping be seated. Seating will be available every other row, with three empty seats between each party. By sticking to these guidelines, we can gather in larger numbers sooner rather than later (yay)!  Ushers will be choosing your seat.

Should I attend if I’m at risk or live with someone in a high risk category? We encourage people at risk to not attend in person services. We do invite those who don’t attend the in person service to continue to enjoy our online experience. Either way, we’re really glad you’re part of the Bethel family!

Our COVID 19 Response to our Community

Bethel Church Outreach

Free counseling from one of our own well qualified and experienced Doctors on Saturdays until mid August.

Care Centre Ottawa is open 10 AM – 3 PM Monday – Thursday in our Gym providing food for 100’s of families and seniors every month  Read about what is happening here.…/‬

Young Adult Delivery team – partnered with the Care Centre Ottawa

Volunteers at the Care Centre

Lunches provided in May/June for the volunteers

Our Church Family

1.  Our services continue to be online. It’s so awesome to be able to stay connected through our services by streaming online.  Thanks for inviting us into your homes as we worship together through this unique time. Please go to Facebook Live at Bethel Pentecostal Church  YouTube  or Church Online  to find our services. Get your family together and worship with us!  We can’t wait to see you there!
2.  Convos and Coffee is a daily devotional sent to your inbox to keep us connected.  #socialdistancingheartconnecting
3.We’re constantly making calls to people who may be isolated to check and see if they need anything or any support.
4. We host a virtual prayer meeting every Wednesday at 6:30pm followed by a Bethel Grows teaching session.
5.  Pastor Terrilynn is sending out regular activities for kids to parents on all our platforms including Bethel Kids services on Sundays and Wednesdays.
6.  Other ministries are staying in touch with daily devos, online presence,  putting together a grocery delivery squad and more.
7.  We’ll keep providing info about how to give.


Wednesday Prayer Meeting Wednesdays 6:30 PM on Zoom

Calling our entire church family

Weekdays Convos & Coffee 9 AM with the Pastoral Staff

Kids Online Wednesdays and Thursdays

Youth Online Thursdays and Devos Tuesday and Thursday

Young Adults Small Groups Online  on Zoom

Young Adults Celebration Service Monthly on Zoom

Men’s Devotionals

Ladies Book Club

And countless individuals reaching out with meals for neighbours, masks for frontline workers, meals for hospital workers and our continued support of several ministries in Ottawa serving the most vulnerable.

Let’s keep pulling together, supporting each other and trusting God who is our constant hope everyday.

OK – so where do we go on Sunday?
We will be on-line on our FaceBook page Bethel Pentecostal Church  or  YouTube  or on Church Online starting at 10:15 AM on Sunday morning.

What if you are feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell please click the link Ontario Health to find out important information.

How can you give?  If you’re wondering how to give during this time – there are many ways!

You can mail your cheque to:
Bethel Pentecostal Church
500 Viewmount Drive
Nepean Ontario
K2E 7P2

or drop it off in an envelope at the office door at the church in the mail slot.

Credit Card
Please feel free to call the church with your credit card number
613 226 1383 and ask for Kelechi or Joan  (Monday-Friday)

Txt2Give or Etransfer to
Thank you so much!

We love you.

COVID-19 didn’t take God by surprise. This is an awesome opportunity for us to show what Jesus, the Prince of Peace does in our lives. He is a refuge and He stands in the middle of any storm and He brings amazing calm! So let’s pray for our neighbours and city and that God will powerfully use us in these unusual times. And smile and love and pray and be full of hope that God is with us.

Bless you guys! You’re amazing!
Pastor Peter