Alexandra Lopez - March 29th 2021

I am at 100% of my support! I have raised all the funds that I need to be serving with P2C!

Gloria M - February 16th 2021

For years, my kids (6 and 4) have not slept well and would wake up at night (between 1.00am – 3.00am) and again early morning anytime from 4.00-5.30 am. As expected, they would always be tired and cranky. I too couldn’t have regular morning devotions and was exhausted. I hadn’t been to church, online or physically since Covid happened in March 2020. Then on January 24th 2021, the last day of a 3-day fast, I felt led to look for a church online and Bethel Pentecostal Church Ottawa caught my attention, so I subscribed for YouTube notifications. For the first time ever, I attended the Sunday service and to my surprise, Pastor Peter preached on the message I had received the night before. I decided to join the 21-day fast. On January 26th 2021, (Day 2 of the fast for me), we decided to move the kids’ beds to a different room and to have them wear some wearable blankets we had been led to buy for them weeks before but which they had refused to wear. That morning, they slept in for the first time in years. For the first time in years, the kids are now able to sleep til almost 6.30am or 7.30am. In fact the morning after they switched rooms, we had to wake the youngest up at 8am. We no longer wake up tired and I have more time in the mornings for devotion. Praise be to the Most High God for His most awesome and wonderful deeds. Also, for many days during the fast, I received many revelations on things I needed to let go of and to surrender to the Holy Spirit. What an awesome God we serve.
Also, recently and especially during the 21-day fast, I felt burdened to pray for children who may be facing violence or abuse of any kind including neglect. Whenever I would pray for the children, I would see a news story, a post on social media or a report the following day, about a child or children who had been saved from abuse or accidents. I would then get the feeling that this was a confirmation that God is indeed listening and answering prayers, which has been quite encouraging. Please help me to praise the Lord our God for his lovingkindness and faithfulness.

Karen Baptiste - January 25th 2021

I have been participating in the 21 days prayer and fasting with Bethel Church. During prayer on Monday, I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. The power of Holy Spirit is such powerful experience. The experience began with me sitting with my Bible during prayer and I felt this presence within me. The presence felt as if I was being lifted up. As I continued to pray, my body began to shake. I called on the Mighty name of Jesus throughout this powerful experience and he continued to manifest in me. It was an unforgettable experience. Only God’s power can do this.

Dave and Mary Herron - January 25th 2021

Your virtual church is a miracle for us here in Elliot Lake, ON. Yes we like Bethel are looking for a move of the  Holy Spirit. When I came to the Lord this verse was read  Zech 4:6, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty,” just as did pastor this morning. It was our Lord’s stamp of encouragement. PTL