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We want to celebrate your miracle with you!  Please let us know how God has answered your prayers.  We may share it here and share it with the Bethel Family on Sunday mornings.

November 23rd 2022

Lynda – I have been experiencing back pain for some time now, however at the prayer meeting Wednesday evening Pastor Sarah prayed over my back and I am so grateful the pain is gone.

November 21st 2022

I recently started a new job. Upon chatting with my colleagues we realized that we knew many of the same families. They couldn’t stop talking about how kind and supportive these families were. They later realized that all these families had something in common… they all attended Bethel. The timeframe for this goes as far back as 20+ years ago and many of these families still attend Bethel. I hope this comes as an encouragement to someone. “For they will know we are Christian by our love…” (John 13:35). (Show God’s love and people will remember even 20+ years later).

November 20th 2022

4 people accepted Jesus on Sunday and 1 more during the week!

November 16th 2022

Norma – I asked prayer for my  mom who had a blood clot on her brain. The doctor removed it and she became alert and able to use her hands.  ( She’s 100 years old)  She’s going home soon. Amazing!

November week of 14th 2022

Ladies Conference Praise reports.

“I want to be closer to Jesus and this made me draw even closer”

“I felt, truly revived and refreshed and I took so much home with me”

“God really spoke to me, I need this so much.”

November 13th 2022

5 People raised their hand to accept Jesus today at Bethel.

November 9th 2022

Sujatha (Sue) Praise the Lord, I just want to give God the glory for sustaining in every way. Thank you for all the prayers. My brother in law had brain surgery November 2nd,2022 , went well by God’s grace , he is recuperating at home, talking ,walking and no brain damage.God is great. He has given us peace through His Word and prayers. His love and care is so real and present. He is so good. May God bless all. Thank you.

November 7th 2022

Wally MacLean. – We asked for prayer for my cousin Blake, who was on life support after sustaining serious injuries from an accident. He has now been taken off life support and transferred to his local hospital and is doing much better! Thank you for your prayers for this situation. God is good!

November 6th 2022

Paula Nichol – I woke this morning with a severe headache, worse than I have had in a long time. I was unable to make it to in-person service. I did all the things I know I should do to help (Advil, coffee, water, breakfast, yoga and ice). But more importantly, while watching online, I reached my hand towards the screen when Pastor Sandra prayed and I said “headache, I come against you in Jesus name”. The headache left 🙂 Thank you Jesus!

November 6th 2022

Bethel Church – 4 people raised their hand to accept Jesus in our Sunday service.

November 3rd, 2022

I went to the prayer night on Wednesday. I had pain in my left shoulder. The pain is now gone. Thank you for laying hands on me and for the prayers.

November 1st, 2022

My wife got an LTO (Long Term Occasional) teaching job in the position she wanted and thoroughly enjoys for the rest of the school year after being prayed for by Rob at Mega Prayer for God’s guidance & direction.

October 30, 2022

  • 5 people raised their hands for salvation at Bethel
  • 4 kids accepted Jesus in kids ministry

October 27, 2022

Joan Hoskins – Since the weekend I have had shooting nerve pain up my left leg, which is the better of my two legs due to arthritis. Tonight at mega prayer I went forward for prayer and immediately the pain left! Praise the Lord! If you have not come to Wednesday Night prayer you do not know what you are missing, whether you need healing or not. Prayer changes everything!

October 23, 2022

Bethel Church – 5 people raised their hand to follow Jesus on Sunday at Bethel!  Praise God.

October 16, 2022

I was prayed for at the altar on Sunday the 16th for housing, and I got housing that week!

“The prayer of a righteous person has great power and is effective.”

James 5:16