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Dear fellow believers,

Thank you so much for your prayers. God is answering important needs in our lives. We are moving to a new and safer home today. My husband Karsten has found a new job at an insurance company, with better working conditions. He will start at his new job on the 23th of may (23-05-2022). We are thankful that our daughter is growing up well so far.

Please pray for God's guidance and provision for a job for me as well as soon as possible and for our marriage and finances. Pray for wisdom in this and clear directions. The right door open and the right door(s) closed. I have 2 new options so far near our new hometown.

I am going to a job interview at 9th of May at 10 AM.

Please keep us in prayer for the following situations:

· My husband Karsten will start working at his new job, in the new area where we now have bought a house from 23/5/2022 onwards, so about 3,5 weeks from now on. Please pray that he will be fit enough to make a good fresh start at his job, that all will go well for him and that he will be successful. And for me to be able to take over the nights to take care of our newborn baby and that he can get his well needed sleep and won´t be disrupted by the baby and me. And for me for enough energy to manage all of this.

· Wisdom for me to find a new job, the right job, at the right time. Perhaps in communication / journalism since this is my background or maybe something totally different. This also needs to be a good deal, in terms of being a good match with the coworkers, a good salary, fitting job description, everything.... the whole package needs to be a right match.

· For our finances. We still need many more additional financial miracles. Furthermore, I also still need to get a lot of money back from the tax authorities, from tax deductible expenses, please pray they will give this rightfully without corruption or delay back to me in accordance with what belongs to me.

· For good contacts with the people in our new neighborhood and town, the neighbors and everyone else. And new friends for me, and perhaps renewing of friendship with an old friend and classmate in our new neighborhood area.

· Please keep us in prayer for our marriage, little family including our newborn girl Rhodé

· (Physical) healing from the delivery. I had too much blood loss and therefore I'm extra tired and need more recovery.

· More rest for me and my husband. To be able to catch (up) enough sleep every night with our newborn baby girl.

Thank you so much! Wishing you all the best and every blessing in Christ!

Received: April 29, 2022

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