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Alexandra Lopez

Please pray for my family and especially for my mom. Many of you don’t know, but my family has had financial problems for a long time. With this, there are debts that my mother has been paying for many years and that is why we put my old house and my grandfather's country house for sale. My house and the country house have been for sale for like 6 years now, and a month ago, they managed to sell my house (Glory to God for that). And well my mom made an agreement with the buyer that he would pay her in instalments until April of next year (the economy in Bolivia does not help). The thing is that this week the bank was firm and determinate with my mother and they told her that if she does not pay until October 12, they will auction my house. But if that happens, my mother gets into many legal problems because technically she already sold the house. The bank does not want to accept that and the fact that my mother will pay them in instalments as she receives the payments from her buyer. And well they threatened her with criminal consequences, such as jail. In part, this happened due to the negligence of the lawyer that my mom hired.

As a family, we are praying for a miracle again, that no one shows up at this auction that the bank will do. Pray that my mother's buyer can pay her a big mount in advance, since this man also depends on others paying him so that he can buy my house.

We are also praying that my mom can sell the lots of my grandfather’s country house (we divided our property into lots so that it would be easier to sell them). There are three people interested, but they would have to buy the properties now so that my mom can get out of this problem.

Pray for all the people in the bank who are against my mother. I know that these people are not to blame and they are also under pressure. So pray that God will put mercy and grace in their hearts for my family and give us favour. Pray for them.

My mom is anxious and stressed and well she feels like she’s against the wall, but at the same time I see her firm in her faith, and I see her clinging to her only lawyer, Jesus. Pray for peace over her and that the Lord protects her heart from anger, resentment and frustration and rather strengthens her faith. It is very difficult for her to be under so much pressure and she is scared of having criminal consequences. Pray for my dad too, with all the stress, it's like he tapped out. We are afraid that he is going into a depression again, since he has been kind of weird and off and emotionally distant from all this, and well then my mom feels lonely.

The words she wrote to me yesterday:

“I know that the Lord has a perfect plan for me, but my mind cannot stop thinking about the possible consequences that I would have to assume because of the negligence of my lawyer. and it is very frustrating, that I would have to face criminal consequences. I sometimes think that it is whole situation is unfair, because I am trying to do what is right, but anyway, I just have to wait and even though my heart is totally cracked, I don't have to lose perspective and I have to keep looking at the Lord. So a prayer chain is going to help a lot. I asked many people for prayer chains, because I have to come out of this victorious, because I am the daughter of the Most High King.

Pray for peace, my love, my heart aches from the anguish I have. Thank you."

Received: October 6, 2020

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