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Membership at Bethel

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At Bethel, church membership is all about taking a next step and becoming a committed member of the church family. It’s not the same thing as making a commitment to Christ or regular church attendance or involvement in the ministry of the church. It’s a subsequent decision we make, in light of our relationship with Christ, to fully commit to the vision and values of Bethel.

What is Church Membership?
– A commitment that people make to be part of the life and function of a local body of believers
– A means by which the church can be governed according to our Constitution and the Ontario Not For Profit Corporations Act.
– A structure of support and accountability
– The means through which church leadership is provided

The Benefits of Membership
– A sense of belonging
– An opportunity to be involved in some of the decision making processes
– An opportunity to be involved in specific significant levels of leadership
– An opportunity to provide input into the direction and vision of the church

How Do I Become a Member?
– Attend Sunday services regularly
– Attend the Bethel Membership Class held every spring
– Demonstrate a personal faith in Jesus Christ
– Agree with our statement of faith
– Apply for approval from the church board by filling out our online form after attending the Membership Class

My Responsibilities as a Member
– Regular attendance at Sunday and other services
– Agreement with our statement of faith
– Supporting the vision and direction of Bethel and its leadership
– Faithful financial support

Transferring Church Membership
Those who have moved from another Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada church and are official members of that church may have their membership transferred to Bethel by requesting a letter of transfer from their previous church and submitting it to the Lead Pastor at Bethel



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