Core Values

Jesus is the centre.

Everything we do flows out of a desire for people to know Him.

We value the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Supernatural living can become natural.

The Father is creative and therefore the resources
of heaven are available to us.

We can be heaven inspired cutting edge.

We believe in the impossible.

We live in expectation of the miraculous.

We believe in doing everything with excellence.

Serving with excellence reflects the greatness of God.

We believe big and start where we are.

Our faith is active and applied as we honour Him.

We are a culture of honour.

We celebrate and encourage what God is doing in every life.

We come to serve and not be served.

We are all foot washers.

We don’t maintain we multiply.

Our goal is growth in every area at every level.

We are an intergenerational intercultural church.

We learn together, grow together and pass the baton together.