Sanctuary Youth Jr. High (Gr. 6-8)

At Sanctuary Junior High we believe that our young people should be loving life. It should be a fun, challenging, eye-opening adventure. Students are just beginning to build their identity, and we want to see them find it in Christ. On Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 7:45pm we will help each student grow in their understanding of God and the Bible. Our nights our focused on moving Jr High students into a real, tangible relationship with God. Where He is alive in their lives, not just a character from a book. We believe that the Bible is our map to learning more about God and ourselves. 

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Theme for 2019: LIVE IT – Our vision for the Jr High students of Bethel is to help them each embrace their individual experience with the presence God. God has made us unique. The things we laugh at, how we see things, the way we think. These are all examples of how creative our God is. Our goal for our Jr Highs is for them to walk out of 2019 with a better understanding of who they really are, while the live out the life that God has given them. 

Sanctuary Youth Sr. High (Gr. 9-12)

We are the Peace Makers; We are Sanctuary. At Sanctuary Youth our mission is for each student to know that they are not only accepted and loved, but that they are a crucial part of what God is doing in our city. 

Each Thursday night from 7-9:30pm we open our doors for Highschool students who are looking to have a real life changing experience with the presence of God. Our students have opportunity to get to know each other better with weekly games and small groups. We also craft powerful opportunities for our highschoolers to learn more about God through worship and speaking opportunities from our Youth Pastor or Youth leadership team. 

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Theme for 2019: OWN IT – With Christian Clubs running strong in high schools across our city. We are asking our students to OWN their faith this year. From engaging in our Sunday morning services, upping the expectations from God at our Sanctuary Nights on Thursday and living their life with God out at school. We believe that God is going to raise up a group of students who OWN their relationship with Jesus.