Hey Bethel family:

I hope everybody’s doing well and staying safe #stayathome

The Way Forward May 2020
Bethel Re-engagement Plan

We’re really excited that the province of Ontario announced we’re now in the Phases of our exit from the restrictions due to Covid-19.

The leadership of Bethel has crafted a re-engagement plan, which is our way forward. There are some over-riding principles that we’ll apply in this plan.

1. Direction from Ontario and Ottawa Public Health and compliance with that direction.
2. Physical/social distancing that will remain in place in some form for some time.
3. The health, well-being and safety of our Bethel family and friends.

What’s most important to us is you and your safety. Our stages are very much tied to the maximum number of people permitted to gather together.

Gatherings of 10
Here’s what can happen once we’re allowed to gather inside in groups of up to 10.
1. Our small groups can begin meeting in person.
2. Teams of 10 or less can begin meeting with physical/social distancing in place.
3. Live streaming of services can move back into the auditorium with a small team.

Gatherings of 50+
Here’s what can happen once we’re allowed to gather inside in groups of up to 50+.
1. Classes can start.
2. Live training can happen.
3. Any ministry gatherings within the allowable maximums can take place as long as Public Health regulations are being observed. (Physical/social distancing) As maximum allowable gathering numbers increase that gives us the flexibility to increase our ministry opportunities and we can add to what we do.

The big question is, ‘when can we come back together again as a church?’
Our plan is to open live ‘in person’ services as soon as we’re allowed to gather inside in groups of up to 250 people.

When that happens we’ll have two services on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am in the church…finally!

The services will be touchless, physical/social distancing will be adhered to, volunteers will wear masks and hygiene stations will be available.
Bulletins, offering containers and cards will not be passed.
The offering containers will be on tables at the exits and will be disinfected after use.
Only the handicapped washroom will be open on the main floor and men’s and women’s washrooms will be open on the mezzanine. The washrooms will have someone monitoring them and they’ll be disinfected after every use.
The building, other than the lobby and main auditorium, will not be accessible.
We’ll make sure that the church is well-cleaned and disinfected.

So what will the church experience look like?
Here’s what you can expect.
1. Parking attendants will be in the parking lot to help guide people.
2. The only entrance that will be open is the main entrance.
3. We’ll ask people/families to space out along the sidewalk (under the canopy in rain) similar to how people approach grocery stores prior to entering.
4. One set of doors will be propped open and a greeter will greet you asking how many are in the group. They’ll also ask if everybody in the group is feeling OK. If you’re not feeling well, we’ll ask you to head back home.
5. Everybody entering the building will use a hand sanitizer at the door.
6. A counter will keep track of the number of people. If the 250 maximum is hit for the first service, and if more people come, we’ll invite you to come back for the second service.
7. The greeter will escort the group along a cordoned walking area to the main auditorium entrance where an usher will seat you in a designated space.
8. Seating spaces for 1-2, 3-6 and 7-8 people will already be defined with proper distance in between.
9. When the service is over, you’ll be dismissed by section to help you maintain physical/social distancing.
10. All hard surfaces will be wiped down and hygiene stations replenished immediately following each service. Your safety is always our primary concern. Our plan is to do these services in three phases.

Phase One – the entire family, kids included, will stay in the main auditorium for the whole service (we’ll keep the service as close to 60 minutes as possible). You’ll be physical/social distancing the entire time you’re at the church. There will be no children’s ministry during this phase.

Phase Two – will look a lot like phase one. In addition, in phase two, we’ll be following the lead of the school system and, if it’s in alignment with the schools, kids will go to their own programming for the whole service while everybody else remains in the main auditorium.

Phase Three – we’ll return to more normal service and ministry function. Our way forward strategy will remain flexible and can change as the situation changes. Thanks to all of you for your understanding and patience as we keep navigating this fluid situation. We’re in this together and we deeply love and appreciate each and every one.

Our COVID 19 Response to our Community

Bethel Church Outreach

Free counseling from one of our own well qualified and experienced Doctors on Saturdays until mid August.

Care Centre Ottawa is open 10 AM – 3 PM Monday – Thursday in our Gym providing food for 100’s of families and seniors every month  Read about what is happening here. http://www.spurottawa.com/food-banks-working-to-make-ends…/‬

Young Adult Delivery team – partnered with the Care Centre Ottawa

Volunteers at the Care Centre

Lunches provided in May/June for the volunteers

Our Church Family

1.  Our services continue to be online. It’s so awesome to be able to stay connected through our services by streaming online.  Thanks for inviting us into your homes as we worship together through this unique time. Please go to Facebook Live at Bethel Pentecostal Church  YouTube  or Church Online  to find our services. Get your family together and worship with us!  We can’t wait to see you there!
2.  Convos and Coffee is a daily devotional sent to your inbox to keep us connected.  #socialdistancingheartconnecting
3.We’re constantly making calls to people who may be isolated to check and see if they need anything or any support.
4. We host a virtual prayer meeting every Wednesday at 6:30pm followed by a Bethel Grows teaching session.
5.  Pastor Terrilynn is sending out regular activities for kids to parents on all our platforms including Bethel Kids services on Sundays and Wednesdays.
6.  Other ministries are staying in touch with daily devos, online presence,  putting together a grocery delivery squad and more.
7.  We’ll keep providing info about how to give.


Wednesday Prayer Meeting Wednesdays 6:30 PM on Zoom

Calling our entire church family

Weekdays Convos & Coffee 9 AM with the Pastoral Staff

Kids Online Wednesdays and Thursdays

Youth Online Thursdays and Devos Tuesday and Thursday

Young Adults Small Groups Online  on Zoom

Young Adults Celebration Service Monthly on Zoom

Men’s Devotionals

Ladies Book Club

And countless individuals reaching out with meals for neighbours, masks for frontline workers, meals for hospital workers and our continued support of several ministries in Ottawa serving the most vulnerable.

Let’s keep pulling together, supporting each other and trusting God who is our constant hope everyday.

OK – so where do we go on Sunday?
We will be on-line on our FaceBook page Bethel Pentecostal Church  or  YouTube starting at 10:15 AM on Sunday morning.

What if you are feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell please click the link Ontario Health to find out important information.

How can you give?  If you’re wondering how to give during this time – there are many ways!

You can mail your cheque to:
Bethel Pentecostal Church
500 Viewmount Drive
Nepean Ontario
K2E 7P2

or drop it off in an envelope at the office door at the church in the mail slot.

Credit Card
Please feel free to call the church with your credit card number
613 226 1383 and ask for Kelechi or Joan  (Monday-Friday)

Txt2Give or Etransfer to giving@bethel.ca
Thank you so much!

We love you.

COVID-19 didn’t take God by surprise. This is an awesome opportunity for us to show what Jesus, the Prince of Peace does in our lives. He is a refuge and He stands in the middle of any storm and He brings amazing calm! So let’s pray for our neighbours and city and that God will powerfully use us in these unusual times. And smile and love and pray and be full of hope that God is with us.

Bless you guys! You’re amazing!
Pastor Peter