Belong. Believe. Become.


Our Sunday Celebration is at 10:30 a.m.    Join us this week!

Our children’s program is designed specifically for each age group.  We want the entire family to encounter God’s presence so the children over 30 months stay in our worship service until they are dismissed for their program.  All of our volunteers have been approved by “Plan to Protect.”

Bethel is a church that believes one encounter with Jesus can change your life forever.

Our services are vibrant, contemporary, and designed for every person to meet with God.  People are finding new life in Jesus every week.

God’s presence and prayer is what distinguishes Bethel.  Prayer is the engine that drives our church and His presence is what changes us.


New to Bethel?

Please come to our welcome desk to receive a free gift and we will help you discover what is available for you and your family. The welcome desk is located in the foyer.


If you attend Bethel and would like to serve in one of our ministries please contact the office at for more information.  Our volunteers are amazing, valued and essential to the health of our church.


Prayer is essential to life at Bethel. Every Wednesday at noon we fast and pray in the sanctuary and all across the city.  Every Wednesday night at 7 pm is our Touch the Sky church prayer meeting.  Every Sunday we have pre-service prayer at 10:00 am.

We believe God is right now orchestrating something great and we want to be part of it.

Lisa & Dylan Fabian

I've been here my whole life. Bethel means a lot to me, I cry when I talk about it.

Elizabeth Justa -Doucette

I love Bethel because I sense an openness to God and the Holy Spirit. I sense a hunger here and it's starting to catch hold. I also love the youth at Bethel because they are passionate for God. They break all the negative stereotypes that people typically have of today's youth.

Joël vanOtterloo